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Gregory WilliamsGregory Williams
16:55 08 Jul 19
I've been at the school for around a year now. The instructor is calm, responsive and has coherent answers for any questions put to him, with solid demonstrations to back his answers up. The emphasis on the unity of the system, on understanding the Cantonese... terms, on note taking (to aid remembering particularly complex sequences), combined with full-on contact training (with the use of chest pads designed by the school) is excellent, as intensity of training and adherence to technical mastery are held in balance with each other. Overall, I'd say this is about as complete a learning experience as you could hope for and, from what I see, provides the support for its students to take things as far as they more
Gabor VajaiGabor Vajai
10:17 07 Jul 19
The best place to train WT! Focusing on self defence, wing tsun is the best way to train both your physical, and mental health! Having been trained for more than a year i can say, it gives you so much satisfaction when you see yourself progressing. The... teachers are well knowledgeable, helpful, and will guide you on every step of your way. Seminars are also there for you to boost your knowledge and learn from grand masters. Would recommend 100%read more
Conal ReidConal Reid
11:55 29 Jun 19
I’ve been attending training for approx 7/8 month and thoroughly enjoy it. The teachers are patient but also challenge one (you get out what you put it!). The atmosphere is very inclusive with various skill levels, ages and genders all training together. If... you are looking for good exercise, to learn something and to have the confidence to defend yourself if necessary you should give it a more
Gergely JancsikityGergely Jancsikity
19:25 27 Jun 19
I have been a student of the school for over six years, and as I am progressing in my journey of Wing Tsun I love it more and more. This martial art doesn’t only teach you self-defence, but provides you with essential skills for your everyday and professional... lives too. The teachers are really dedicated; they care about each student’s personal development, and help them achieve their individual goals. The classes have a great vibe and everyone is made to feel welcome. I can truly recommend it!read more

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Wing Tsun kung-fu is one of the most effective self defence systems that can be learned within a short period of time by anyone, regardless of age, sex or level of physical fitness. History tells us that the system was created by the Buddhist nun, Ng Moi, and four other survivors of the destruction of the Shaolin Monastery and was developed to train rebels against the Manchu (Qing) dynasty. 

We are an independent association based in London teaching authentic Wing Tsun Kung-Fu.

Teaching is a passion for us and we welcome anyone who is willing to learn not just the techniques of this art but also how to respect one another. As a student of the Wing Tsun London Association, you will become part of an environment of helpful and hard-working students. We will guide you through the basics to the advanced materials, which will not only help you understand yourself and others around you but also stay fit, relieve stress, and occupy your mind like – we believe – nothing else.

You can train at any of the our locations:

  • Camden / Kentish Town
  • Victoria
  • Peckham
  • Old Street
  • Chelmsford
  • Clapham

Check out our locations page for exact details. 

We run classes most days of the week from around 6:30 - 8:00pm.

Check out our locations page for exact details. 

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