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Our courses are perfect for those who want to get a good basic understanding of Wing Tsun focusing on the most practical techniques. The intensive training will give you confidence in your ability to defend yourself against the most common attacks. 

All courses can be attended by beginners or those who have experience in martial arts already. 

Courses are held across multiple locations in central London and we offer 8.5 hours of training per week. Participants can decide how many hours they are able to train but to get the most out of our courses we recommend attending as many classes as possible. 

Short Course


This course focuses on dealing with the attacks often used against Women and defence against knife attacks. Wing Tsun is the only Martial Art designed by Women and is effective for all ages and levels!  Learn in a fun, friendly environment and experience:

  • Feel safer 
  • Greater confidence!!
  • Increased fitness and strength!!
  • Increased co-ordination!!


Free Training

Please complete the form below to book your place on one of our free trial classes. You will get an email confirmation of your place, subject to availability.